2019 Grantees


Despite impressive progress in so many ways, the world still has some distance to travel to be as remarkable as it should be for girls and women. At The Ellis School, girls are free to be their authentic selves, flex their minds, and use their voices to impact the world around them. This all happens because of the School’s all-girls environment. The Ellis School is Pittsburgh’s leading age 3 to grade 12 private school dedicated to the education of girls. Ellis provides an unmatched, girl-centered, interdisciplinary education in the heart of Pittsburgh's East End. 

When Sara Frazer Ellis founded Miss Ellis’ School in 1916, her vision was to create an environment in which girls and young women would thrive. For over 100 years, The Ellis School has evolved as the world has changed, but we have maintained our fierce focus on being a place where girls grow and learn in all the best ways to prepare them to soar in the world into which they will graduate.

The rich academic program at Ellis provides each girl with a strong foundation in a wide variety of subjects—English, history, mathematics, science, world languages, technology, visual and performing arts—while giving her many opportunities for deeper exploration in the areas in which she is most interested. Small class sizes mean that every girl is well known by her teachers and classmates, allowing us to create learning experiences with the optimal balance of challenge and support for each girl.

Within Ellis’ walls, you will discover an innovative, interdisciplinary, and experiential academic program constructed with girls in mind. This happens by design, in a learning environment where faculty invite students to wrestle with complex real-world challenges. By commencement, graduates are prepared to walk across the stage and confidently proclaim how they’re going to make their mark on the world. 

Graduates from Ellis emerge with remarkable qualities that not only prepare her for college, but that transcend academic excellence and shape her to be a truly outstanding woman.

All photos courtesy of The Ellis School.