About Us

The Arts, Equity, & Education Fund (AE&E) is a private family foundation, established in late 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Among its goals are to:

  • provide funding for various arts and education related organizations and projects in the Greater Pittsburgh area

  • amplify systemic change while realizing that such change often starts with individual efforts and a variety of initiatives on a smaller scale

  • promote community engagement and strive conscientiously towards giving a boost to the historically underserved

What we ask of those we fund:

  • Strong Ideas & Communication - express ideas with clarity; give occasional progress reports, share challenges, and respond to requests in a timely manner

  • Comprehensive Planning - annual grant requests in advance, encompassing anticipated annual, capital, and programming needs

  • Good Stewardship - direct funds to the agreed upon programming

Preference is not to fund grant requests or special projects more often than every 3 out of 5 years.  This approach encourages organizations to broaden their donor base and helps minimize dependency on a single or small number of funders. We encourage your organization to use AE&E funds as a springboard to seek matching funds, seed small initiatives or help achieve some of your organizational milestones. We welcome ideas that span two or more organizations or demonstrate partnership potential.