2018 Grantees

The Door Campaign

Founded in 2013, The Door Campaign (TDC) serves to better the city in which we live through STEM curriculum and community aquaponics learning. TDC’s initial mission was to show inner-city youth that they can be the change they want to see in the world, thus the organization’s name was intended to reflect this goal of opening doors to fields that youth may not otherwise encounter, creating new avenues for education and employment.

A key TDC project is their in-school education program: Youth STEM Program and Aquaponics & Sustainability Curriculum. The Youth STEM program is in its 3rd year and equips partner teachers and students with hands-on experiences in STEM and aquaponics. Providing these unique, interactive STEM experiences for middle and high school students, enable students to learn about biology, ecology, sustainability, and healthy eating. The field of aquaponics combines raising fish (aquaculture) and growing plants without soil (hydroponics). Students working with aquaponics learn a number of lessons, ranging from the anatomy of fish to the impacts of population growth and the science of food production.

Learning initiatives like the Youth STEM Program are exactly what AE&E aims to fund. The Door Campaign’s Youth STEM Program enriches student learning in the classroom by providing their Aquaponics and Sustainability Curriculum, aquaponics systems, and site mentors to support Pittsburgh’s youth.

Photos below courtesy of The Door Campaign